Tuesday, December 18, 2012


Sunday December 9, 2012 I completed the Dallas Half Marathon. It is something I never thought I could or would do. In June, I started running with my neighbor, Holly. She has done one full marathon and a couple of halfs. After a couple of months of running together, she started encouraging me to sign up for the Dallas Half Marathon. I DID! We trained together and ran the whole thing together. My goal was to complete it in 2 hours and 30 minutes. Our final time was 2 hours 27 minutes!!
Me and Holly before the run

My best friend, Marci did the run too. We didn't run together, because she runs much faster than I do!
This was her first half marathon since having twins.


The Finish Line!!
After the Run....with our medals!
When I got home Kegan and Parker asked, "Mom, did you win?" My response "I got a medal...so YES!" 

Thanksgiving on the Farm 2012

Every other year, since Kegan was born, we have made the LONG drive to Southern Illinois to visit Kyle's family for Thanksgiving. The drive was easier this year because the kids are older and can entertain themselves in the car.  Parker did ask 6 times in the first three hours if we were almost there. But not a lot of crying like she has done in the past! Aunt Susan and Uncle Ronnie are always fabulous hosts! Kegan nd Parker had lots of fun on the farm!

\One night Uncle Ronie made a big campfire to roasthot dog sand marshmallows!

The rock pile was a huge hit and quite messy!


 We got to meet Lia (Kyle's cousin) and Rokas' 4 month old beautiful baby girl!


Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Santa 2012

This past Sunday, we went for our annual visit to the photo studio to see Santa. Gone are the eventful visits where we had to worry about crying, running away or forcing Mom to be in the picture in order to get near Santa. We had perfectly posed little munchkins (not so little anymore.) Here are the proofs from the visit, let me know if you need the info for ordering pictures.

Wednesday, November 21, 2012

More Fun for the Stelmazewskis

Parker was invited to a birthday party at a place called Sweet & Sassy!  It was seriously the CUTEST thing I have ever seen.  The girls were given makeovers, where they changed into a dress-up dress, they had their nails painted, they had their make-up done, they had their hair done, and they got glitter sprayed all over them.  Everything Parker LOVES! After the makeover the girls walked the runway for a little fashion show then belted out fun girly songs together!


Kyle's sister, Aunt Brooke, works at the AT&T Performing Arts Theater in Downtown Dallas.  She is awesome about getting us tickets to shows that she thinks we would enjoy. I think my favorite show so far was Second City improv comedy show.  While I was at the Second City show, I saw on the program, that Pinkalicious was coming to the Dallas Children's theater.  Aunt Brooke was able to work her magic and get us four ticket to the show. Parker was thrilled because she loves Pinkalicious, the books, and she was able to invite her friend to the show! We had a girls lunch then enjoyed the show! So much pink, girly fun!

Pajama Day
Every year, in October, Texas public schools celebrate Drug Free Week. They have special days all week long to promote being drug free. One day was pajama day. I think the saying for the day was "Follow your dreams...don't get caught up in drugs." Kegan picked out some new pajamas that would be good for the chilly weather.  When getting outside to ride bikes to school, with the neighbor, they were excited to realized that they had bought the exact same pajamas!
Sunday Lunch
One Sunday, after church, we went to Mooyah, Kegan and Parker's absolute favorite place to eat (mostly because they have a giant wall-sized dry erase board), for lunch! 

Curly Q
One Sunday night, Parker decided she wanted me to put sponge rollers in her hair, so she could wear her hair curly for school the next day. I spend quite a bit of time getting all the rollers wrapped around her fine hair.
The next morning, I took the rollers out of her hair and she immediately started saying, "take it off!"  I said, "Parker you wanted it curly, you have to wear it like this." "No Mommy take it off!" She grabbed my straightener and said, "use this to take it off!" I will not be sponge rolling her hair again anytime soon!
Storybook Character Day
Every year Kegan's school has Storybook Character Day, where the students pick a storybook character and dress up as that character. They are also responsible for bringing that book that their character is from. Last year Kegan was Where's Waldo. As a teacher and a rule follower it really bugs me when the kids just use their Halloween costume and turn it into a storybook character. This year, Kegan wanted to use his ninja costume from Halloween and take one of his Ninja books.  Not gonna fly with this momma! So the weekend before the day he was to dress up, Kegan and I went round and round.  I would suggest something, such as the tree from Chicka Chicka Boom Boom and he would say, "No NOT INTERESTING."  Finally I told him he had to decide by the end of the day on Sunday, so I would have the week to get the costume together and not be scrambling at the last minute.So he decided that he would be Thing 1 (from Dr. Seuss) and his friend would be Thing 2. The morning of Thing 2 got sick and couldn't go to school. Kegan was pretty bummed in true Kegan fashion he brushed it off and enjoyed the day!
Thing 1 and Tacky the Penguin (now that is what I call a storybook character)
How cute are the 3 little pigs?
Unicorn Party
One of Parker's friends had a unicorn themed party. They had two miniature horses for the kids to ride.  One was dressed as a Pegasus and the other was dressed as a unicorn. It was super cute! Parker loved it and now says that she wants to do the same thing for her birthday!

More Cuteness
I am not playing favorites. I just have a ton more pictures of Parker than Kegan. First, I am with her MANY more hours every day and Second, Kegan is not a fan of having his picture taken.  Parker LOVES to take pictures and videos of herself. If I leave my phone lying around she will snatch it up and fill up the camera roll of pics and videos of herself!