Tuesday, December 18, 2012


Sunday December 9, 2012 I completed the Dallas Half Marathon. It is something I never thought I could or would do. In June, I started running with my neighbor, Holly. She has done one full marathon and a couple of halfs. After a couple of months of running together, she started encouraging me to sign up for the Dallas Half Marathon. I DID! We trained together and ran the whole thing together. My goal was to complete it in 2 hours and 30 minutes. Our final time was 2 hours 27 minutes!!
Me and Holly before the run

My best friend, Marci did the run too. We didn't run together, because she runs much faster than I do!
This was her first half marathon since having twins.


The Finish Line!!
After the Run....with our medals!
When I got home Kegan and Parker asked, "Mom, did you win?" My response "I got a medal...so YES!" 

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